Our Mission

We, the Varitech family, endeavor daily to provide our customers with honest value on the products and services we supply. In order to provide value to our customers, we employ motivated individuals with high morals and a service-minded attitude. We foster this attitude by creating an environment of trust, commitment, loyalty and concern for their personal and professional development, for they are the "company". We are dedicated to growing our business and securing our future through efficient use of our time and talent to earn a reasonable profit and by reinvesting this profit in our company and the personal growth of our people.

Greg Brown


Donna Molitor

Office Manager

Jessica Wright

Service Scheduler

Jimmy Johnson

Building Maintenance and Staff Support

Joseph Cranmer

Lead Industrial Generator Technician

Matt Williams

Operations Manager

Jason Day

Lead Generator Technician

Keith Carey

Generator Technician

Ryan Zurkuhlen

Generator Technician

Zac Johnson

Installation Technician

Ryan Puente

Installation Technician

Cory Barbour

Generator Technician

Haydon Heath

Installation Technician