Residential Generator power

Never lose power again. Get a Varitech generator system and be prepared when disaster strikes home.

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sales • turn-key installations • scheduled maitenance • parts • service •
sales • turn-key installations • scheduled maitenance • parts • service •

The Varitech advantage

Our company was founded with the mindset of serving our customers and providing them with exceptional service time after time. We pride ourselves on putting our customers' needs first, and today, that commitment is stronger than ever. We understand the value of hard work, pride, honesty, integrity and long term commitments. We strive daily to provide value in the goods and services that we offer.

Let our team help you select a generator system that will meet your needs and save your money. Our team is committed to helping you select a system that is correctly sized to meet your goals. This means we will never try to sell you a more expensive system than you need.

Varitech keeps the lights on

Imagine never having to worry about power outages again. With a backup generator power system installed in your home, you can enjoy a multitude of benefits that will enhance your comfort, security, and peace of mind.

Backup generator systems can ensure your essential appliances and systems keep running during a power outage. No more spoiled food in the refrigerator, no more sweltering heat or freezing cold, and no more relying on candles for light. You can continue to enjoy the comforts of modern life, knowing that your lights, heating or cooling systems, and vital appliances will remain operational.

Get peace of mind. Backup generator systems provide an added layer of security for your home. When the power goes out, security systems may become compromised, leaving your property vulnerable. With a backup generator, your security systems including alarms, cameras, and motion detectors will stay online keeping you and your loved ones safe.

1.3/ year

The average US home experiences 1.3 power outages per year.


The average cost of an outage due to spoiled food and property damage.

3% - 5%

Homes with back up generator systems can expect an increase in value between 3% - 5%

25+ years

With regular maintenance, a high quality residential backup generator system can last 25 years or more.

Generac residential Generators

Generac is a well-established and trusted brand in the residential generator market, known for manufacturing high-quality and robust generator systems. They are specifically designed for residential use. Here are a few key advantages of residential Generac generator systems:

Wide Range of Options: Generac offers a wide range of generator models and sizes to suit different residential needs including compact standby or whole-house systems.

Automatic Operation: Generac generators are equipped with automatic transfer switches (ATS) that seamlessly monitor the utility power supply.  This helps to ensure a smooth transition of power without any manual intervention.

Robust Design and Build: Generac generators are designed to withstand the rigors of regular use and harsh weather conditions, making them suitable for long-term, reliable performance.

advantages of Briggs & Stratton residential Generators

One of the main advantages of a Briggs & Stratton residential  generator system over other brands, is their full 6 year parts, labor, and travel warranty which is the best in the industry.

Additionally here are a few more advantages of Briggs & Stratton residential generator systems:

Efficient Power Distribution: Briggs & Stratton generators utilize an advanced load management system which allows home owners to install a smaller generator unit relative to their home size.

Quiet Operation: Briggs & Stratton focuses on reducing noise levels in their generator systems, ensuring quieter operation compared to some other brands on the market.

User-Friendly Controls: Briggs & Stratton generator systems feature user-friendly controls and intuitive interfaces.

Reliability and Performance: Briggs & Stratton generator systems are designed to withstand frequent use and adverse weather conditions, ensuring reliable power supply during utility power outages.

Customer testimonials

Read what our customers are saying about Varitech.

Highly recommend the Varitech team for a home generator!  Greg was very detailed and helpful to ensure we chose the right generator.  Zach and Danny did a very professional job to install, going the extra mile to make sure everything was perfect.  Power has gone out twice in first week.  Generator works just as expected and it is great having it!
Varitech put in our generator and I couldn’t be happier with the service we have received. The technicians are all knowledgeable and happy to help with any problem.  I recently put in a new heating and air condition unit, the heating company cut a wire to the generator and turned my generator to the off position. When the weather caused a blackout Varitech was here within an hour and figured out the problem and fixed it.   Superior service in this crazy world we are living in.
Varitech Employees were very professional, polite, and took the time to insure I the customer understood the work required.  Most importantly, they did an outstanding job.
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