Residential and Commercial Generator Power Systems

Sales, Installation, Service and Maintenance
of Residential and Commercial Generator Systems

Varitech, Inc. offers top-of-the-line portable and standby generator systems and backup generators for residential, commercial and industrials use. We offer a wide range of products for every power requirement. Our factory trained professional technicians offer comprehensive power system analysis for each client to determine the right type and size of equipment necessary to meet their backup power system needs. After determining the right type and size of equipment necessary for your home or business, our technicians provide complete installation and maintenance services to keep your generator system operating properly  for years to come so you never get left in the dark.

Residential and Commercial Generator Systems

We carry top-of-the-line residential and commercial generator brands that are designed and manufactured for maximum performance and reliability. Our company was founded with the mindset of serving our customers and providing them with exceptional service time after time. We pride ourselves on putting our customers' needs first, and today, that commitment is stronger than ever. We understand the value of hard work, pride, honesty, integrity and long term commitments. We strive daily to provide value in the goods and services that we offer.

We offer the following Generator Systems Products:

  • 6kW to 20kW Air Cooled
  • 22kW to 150kW Liquid Cooled
  • LP & Natural Gas

Portable Generators & Inverters:

  • Generators - Gasoline & Diesel
    • Air-Cooled Upto 20kW
    • Liquid-Cooled Trailer Mounted
  • Inverters - 200W & up

Varitech Inc. is an authorized dealer for the following generator brands.

Our Installation Process

  1. Complete Property Analysis Including Natural Gas or LP Fuel Supply
  2. Calculate Load Requirements to Determine Proper Generator Size
  3. Equipment Recommendation Based on Property Size and Operating Requirements
  4. Preparation of the Installation Area
  5. Equipment Installation by Certified Technicians
  6. Start-up and testing of equipment, user training and familiarization.
  7. Equipment Service and Maintenance Post Installation

Have questions regarding your business generators system needs; or are you ready to schedule a complimentary consultation? Contact our certified team of professional for all your generator system needs at (502) 966-3400 or by email. Email Varitech

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Things to Consider When Shopping for a Power Generator System

  1. What will be the primary use of the Generator Stand By or Backup System you’re looking for? Is the generator system for backup power reasons, heating and cooling or medical use?

  2. How Large is Your Home or Business? What would be the appropriate size of the unit to purchase?

  3. During the power outage what appliances or equipment do you want to keep running?

  4. What type of generator system are you looking for? Gas, Propane or Diesel Powered System?

  5. Do you have adequate size fuel source available?

  6. Is there adequate space on your property for the proper installation of a power generator system unit?

  7. How critical is the sound level of the generator?

  8. Are there any Homeowners Association restrictions on Generator Systems installations in your neighborhood?